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karen elizabeth Binks


Writing CV

Initially trained as a performer at 'The Italia Conti Academy' London, Karene has worked with writers groups at Mercury Theatre Colchester and Essex University and has been writing and directing for theatres in the UK since the early 1990's.


Karene has a back catalogue of scripts available for theatres and companies to purchase, and can also work with theatres and companies to create bespoke scripts.


Karene has developed an outreach programme delivering bespoke scripts for use in educational settings and regularly works in partnership with theatres, freelance practitioners and arts organisations around the UK. In 1999 Karene founded Theatre Arts Academy whilst juggling working a full time job and life as a lone parent. Karene has established a number of scholarship opportunities and bursary awards as part of an 'opportunities for all' initiative.


Snow White and the Seven little Fairies - Thorington Theatre & UK tour - 2023
Robin Hood - Thorington Theatre - 2022
Being Earnest: The Musical  -Book and Lyrics (music by Wade Ablitt) Thorington Theatre & UK tour 2022
Aladdin – Spa Pavilion Felixstowe – 2021
3 Cheers for Maisy – Book and Lyrics (music by Wade Ablitt), Thorington Theatre - 2021
Summertime Cinders –  Book and Lyrics (music by Josh Tarrier), Thorington Theatre - 2021
Chips – Subtext at The Earl of Derby, London SE14 - 2021
A Musical Midsummer Night’s Dream – Book and Lyrics (Music by J. Tarrier), Browning Bros Space - 2020
Snow White – Lakeside Theatre - 2019

Jack and The Beanstalk – Lakeside Theatre – 2018
A Little Bit Of London – Book and Lyrics (Music by Wade Ablitt), Theatre In Education - 2018

101 Dalmatians – Book and Lyrics (Music by Scott Morgan), Theatre In Education - 2017

Peter Pan – Lakeside Theatre - 2017

Cinderella - Lakeside Theatre - 2016
Chekhov With Cherries – Book and Lyrics. (music by Scott Morgan), Venue 40 – Edinburgh Fringe - 2016

Milenka – Book and Lyrics (Music by Scott Morgan and Adam Hendrickson), Mercury Theatre Colchester - 2016
The Pied Piper - Lakeside Theatre - 2015
Camille and The Sunflowers - (Music by Scott Morgan), Theatre In Education - 2014
Alice In Wonderland – Book and Lyrics (Music by Scott Morgan), Lakeside Theatre - 2014

Broken – Merchants Hall Edinburgh Fringe - 2013
Dick Whittington – Lakeside Theatre - 2012

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